Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Splendid People and Magnificent Warriors" No Longer Staff Members at TLC

Yesterday, I wrote about the fact that Carl Bettinger, Fredi Sison and Lynne Bratcher would not be invited back as staff members of Trial Lawyers College. This saddened me as they were three of my favorite staff members at the college in 2005.

Last October, newly named TLC President Jude Basile decided to remove the same three people from the Board of Directors of TLC. That same month, Jude stated the following about his decision and TLC's new direction:

Fellow Warriors:

First of all, and as I commence my service as President of Trial Lawyers College, I want to tell all of you how excited I am about our future. This College is responsible for such magnificent transformations among our Warrior Alumni and for countless quests for justice throughout our country and even beyond our borders. There is scarcely an important case on the American legal landscape that cannot be traced back to TLC in some manner or form. We are doing great things at Thunderhead and at our Regional Programs.

But, before we can commence our future, we must deal with our present and that is the purpose of this communication, which is submitted to the F-Warriors Board in prompt response to their request.

A. My Goal for TLC

My goal for TLC is to take steps now designed to ensure the long-term survival of Trial Lawyers College. In order to do this, my view is that the “STAR” of our College must be its educational product. Our long-term viability cannot be tied to any single personality or person. What we teach and deliver must be so innovative and ably taught that it and it alone is what attracts people to our method.

As I have reflected on what we must do and how we must move evolve, this has served as a guiding star for me.

B. Reasons Behind the Re-Structuring of the TLC “Big Board”

The present Board of Directors for the College has been in place for a very long time when compared to the life of the College. In order for me to institute a program designed to concentrate on our product and achieve TLC’s long-term survival goal, I thought it was important to shape my own governing board. In doing that, I gave my efforts in this regard many weeks of thought and reflection – especially since I was aware that change of the evolving type I needed was going to be BIG. However, I believe we are at a point in the life of this College where we can shoulder BIG changes.

So, as a first step, I considered the need to seek support and guidance from people with whom I share mutual trust and respect.

This is NOT to say I do not have the highest respect for the people who have long served on the TLC Board. On the contrary, I do. Nonetheless, I thought it was important to do what was the absolute hardest thing to do: Reconstitute the Board somewhat to bring in fresh ideas and new thought processes in support of the goals I am required to devise as an incoming President of a respected but evolving institution.
Surely, such a restructuring might bruise feelings – feelings of people I admire and respect. Such a restructuring might also lead to speculation about potential hidden agendas and negative things of that type. I can only say that I mean no injury to any other Warrior. I have no agenda but the agenda I am honestly reciting here. But, in order for me to attempt, initiate and accomplish these things, changes at TLC were needed in my opinion.

So, knowing that to be honestly true, I did not take the easier, softer way. I did what I thought was right.

Over time, my efforts—along with those of the new Board —will have to speak for themselves. If I am given a chance to succeed and the support needed to get a fresh, fair start down this road, I believe we can do grand things together.

C. The Changes to the TLC Board

After deliberate, personal and respectful discussions with the people involved, I requested and received the resignations of Katlin Larimer, Fredi Lynn Sison, Carl Bettinger and Lynne Bratcher– all splendid people and magnificent Warriors. ...

After having handled these painful changes with as much kindness as possible under admittedly difficult circumstances, I then asked three (3) Warriors to come onto The TLC Board, subject to ultimate Board approval: John Sloan, Ann Valentine (who accepted my request on the morning after your Conference Call), and James R. “J.R.” Clary, Jr. I know that a potential fourth slot was mentioned during your conference, but—after reflecting on it further—we are going to keep the new additions at 3.

The 3 new Board members (Sloan, Valentine and Clary) will join the 5 people currently serving on the Board at Gerry’s home in Santa Barbara, California on an early weekend in November. At that point, the reconstituted Board will be approved, after any discussion required. (I realize that some of this is slightly different from that which was reported last evening, but I ask all of you to please understand this is a “work in progress” and there are some changes which have occurred today. However, I truly want all of you to know what is happening as best I can accurately report it and as quickly as I could get it to you.)

An Executive Board Committee will also be submitted for approval consisting of the Officers of the Board: Gerry Spence, Chairman of the Board; Jude Basile, President; Cyndy Short, Secretary; Milton Grimes, Vice-President; and Jim Nugent, Treasurer. Thereafter, we can begin moving forward.

In addition to this restructuring of persons, we will also institute term limits for TLC Board Members so that fresh ideas and people can continue to be infused into the TLC Board. Although still evolving, I believe that term limits are an important component to the reconstitution of this Board. However, as I hope all of you can understand, we need to make certain that those limits occur with some type of orderly, staggered regularity. Thus, nothing is yet final on this score but I am committed to these limits. We just need to devise them properly and I ask for your support and patience there.

The Executive Committee will not be subject to term limits, although the members of the Executive Committee and their service on that Committee are always subject to Board approval. The F-Warrior Board President will continue to sit on the governing board and will not be subject to any term limits imposed by the Big Board.

D. Other Changes

I also feel it is important to have all of the finances and all of the contractual relationships relating to Trial Lawyers College fully evaluated. Thus, we will employ an independent auditing firm and independent counsel to accomplish these inquiries.

E. Gender and Cultural Diversity Issues

In your October 6, 2009 Conference, I know there were concerns expressed about the number of women and minorities serving on the governing board for TLC. Frankly, I understand, respect and share those concerns. We have will have two (2) women on the Board (Cyndy Short and Ann Valentine), along with Betsy Greene as F-Warrior Board President and Laurie Goodman as our Executive Director. We will have Milton Grimes as a Board Member and as part of our Executive Committee.

However, I am acutely aware that the majority of resignations from the old governing board were women – a reality deeply impacting the hearts of the F-Warriors, which means it also will be deeply felt by our Alumni.

Although there were reasons for the resignation selections made (and I simply must ask for your trust in that regard)
, I do not wish to see any marginalization of women or other culturally diverse people continue as a trend at TLC. Thus, I would ask for the assistance of the F-Warriors Board in suggesting appropriate and qualified Warriors, respected by the Alumni, to be nominated for Big Board service as the term limits of the current Board Members expire.

I understand there are some discussions about the formation of an Alumni-supported or FWB-Sponsored Committee in this regard which could serve this purpose AND as a support mechanism for women and minorities
and for all of the diverse portions of our Warrior base. Personally, I think this is a magnificent idea and I would wholly support such an effort. Moreover, once the nominations were made, I would make certain the suggested additions were put before the Board during the appropriate election cycles for a Board vote. I would also work to ensure that the nominated parties were given fair and meaningful candidacies.

Because any nominated party or any party seeking re-election would be subject to Board vote, the suggestions made by the FWB or the Alumni would have to be non-binding, but I welcome the opportunity to work with the F-Warriors in making such a voice in the Board nominating and voting process a reality.

F. November 14, 2009 Alumni Retreat in Dallas

I am honored to be invited to attend the TLC Alumni Retreat in Dallas on the weekend of the 14th and to have the opportunity to address our Warriors. I am looking forward to that opportunity.

In addition, I understand that there may be questions about all of these developments and hopes and goals. I will submit myself to the Alumni for whatever questions are percolating out there among our folks and will do my level best to answer them directly and honestly.

G. Conclusion

I hope this statement is of some benefit to the members of the F-Warriors Board – a Board I admire, representing—as it does—the very soul of our College: The Alumni. I have done my best to be direct and responsive. I have no plan or agenda that will ever be hidden from any of you.

You have requested a statement of my intentions and actions and I have complied just as swiftly as I reasonably could. My preference is that all of you utilize this information to craft your own uniform, accurate report to the Alumni about all that has occurred. On the other hand, I impose no conditions or restrictions on the use of this statement. Consequently, all of my friends and Fellow Warriors on the F-Warriors Board may use this statement as the FWB may think best and proper.

I trust you.


Jude Basile

Jude states that "there were reasons for the resignation selections made" and that he "simply must ask for our trust in that regard." Fair enough.

But, when he came to Dallas and spoke to alumni attending the F Warrior Annual retreat, he told us, in response to a concerned questioner, that Carl, Fredi and Lynne's removal from the TLC Board did not mean they would not be invited back as staff. In other words, Jude told us, in November, that "off the board" didn't mean "out as staff." People, some of whom had just met Carl, Fredi and Lynne (and Kaitlyn too) seemed relieved.

But that's not how it worked out, as Carl, Fredi and Lynne recently learned.

Three question arise:

1. When actions don't comport with promises, how long should trust continue?
2. How long will TLC alumni believe their ears when their eyes reveal broken promises?
3. Will anyone, from the TLC Board, or among the staff, ever dare to voice an honest opinion again, if it contradicts with those in power and thus risks removal and, later, exclusion?


Anonymous said...

This is all very sad. I want to be supportive but it is hard when the Board isn't explaining its actions. If the Board actually wants to create the appearance that it is all personal, then it's doing a great job of meeting that goal. Sheesh, I think I'd feel better even if Jude would just say, "the truth is that no one gets along with everyone and I don't get along with these people." At least then he'd be being straight with us instead of saying "I love them" while acting in a way that disputes that.

Anonymous said...

Jude has lies repeatedly. 1) he told all the alumni that Joanne would be back on staff. LIE! 2) he says all ideas and opinions are welcome. LIE! He then threw the most innnovative and creative people - Fredi, Carl and Katlyn - off the board. 3) he said off the board does not mean off the staff. LIE! 4) he said the board voted to remove Fredi, Carl and Mary Peckham off the staff. LIE! I have had it confirmed from a number of sources that the board NEVER met to discuss this issue and that no vote was ever taken to remove these good folks from the staff. 5) he promised transperancy but there has been none! LIE! 6) be said the entire board met and decided to get rid of Fredi, Carl, Lynn and Katlyn from the board. LIE! Jude and Spence made that decision without board input and in violation of the bylaws. Jude repeatedly lies but asks us to trust him. B.S.

TLC is now run like the Bush administration.
Gerry is Bush
Jude is Cheney
Jim Nugent is Rumsfeld
Rex is Alberto Gonzales.

One more thing - if you go back and read Norm'a old blog posts, you will see where Rex says he hopes and is Ok if there are 50 competitors to TLC. Jude is threatened by one little program for women trial lawyers only. Jude clearly needs to talk to TLC's "general council."

Mark Bennett said...

What are you so scared of? Use your name!

Anonymous said...

"Jude states that "there were reasons for the resignation selections made" and that he "simply must ask for our trust in that regard." Fair enough."

Did those three violate a board bylaw or somehow otherwise commit misconduct?

Anonymous said...

Jude and the other board cronies are the only ones who have violated the bylaws. Gerry never follows the bylaws and does whatever he wants. The board simply rubber stamps him.

Mark Bennett said...

Your assertions might have some credence if you were willing to attach your name to them.

Anonymous said...

Some of us can barely figure out how to post let alone how to leave our names on these blogs. I can't figure out how to post my name to my comments so I am listing it below. And I definitely know how Jude, Gerry and the board operate and they, let's just put it this way, are less than honest.

Mark Bennett said...

Yeah. "John." Like that's not anonymous.

Anonymous said...

TLC is just another corporation run by those hungry and desperate for power and driven by Greed! Spence is greedy for our money to pay for HIS ranch. If these things were not true, he would endow the college himself and let TLC use it for free. Actions tell the truth. And his actions and those of the board and is new president demonstrate that TLC is just another greedy corporation that does not care about the people, just our pocketbooks.

Anonymous said...

Been almost a year since you posted on this subject. I see none of the questions have been answered. TLC, Inc. doesn't believe we deserve answers to our questions. Too bad.