Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Changes to the TLC Listserve Coming Soon?

I wrote yesterday about some of the things Jude Basile said when he spoke to TLC alumni in Dallas in November.

Another thing he promised, or rather simply noted, was that changes would be coming to the listserve. He didn't specify what those changes were, but I cringed, knowing that changes like this rarely work out the way the people who made them anticipated. The Law of Unintended Consequences soon takes effect and the attempt to curtail what is perceived as "objectionable" speech actually serves to amplify it.

But, in my experience, those with the power to change listserve rules rarely realize the effect of their actions until they enact them, and learn the hard way.

So what changes, if any, do you think TLC, Inc., will make to the listserve?

More importantly, will they work out as planned?


Mark Bennett said...


It was with some misgiving that I handed over management of the listserv to the Executive Director several years ago.

But have no fear. Jon Katz and I have a contingency plan.


Norm Pattis said...

Pre-approval of posting. Abandon the listserve while you still have a little faith

Mark Bennett said...

Moderation would not surprise me. Nobody at TLC Inc. has given any indication that they understand social media.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the listserve that needs fixing? A corollary to the Law of Unintended Consequences would be that if you try to fix something that isn't broken just to show that you're in charge, bad things happen,

Anonymous said...

They don't want any of us to know it, but there is already censorship on the TLC list serve. And they will deny it if confronted. They lie to us repeatedly!

Mark Bennett said...

Can you anonymous commenters please grow some spine? That you make these allegations anonymously without any support makes you look like crackpots. Which, if you knew what you were talking about, would be unfortunate.

オテモヤン said...


Richard P. Verlasky said...

Well, I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree with the last posted comment. But I admit I’m easily swayed by Eastern philosophical insight. I too wonder what would be censored and, more importantly, how anyone would know if anything was censored.

Going further, I too agree that certain comments deserve to be censored. The comments . . . no make that the whines . . . from people who want everyone to know what hectic and busy (read meaningful) lives they lead who complain they haven’t the time to read (or hit the delete button) all the messages they consider tripe should be censored if that means eliminated. Or maybe they should just be censured. I’m not sure. The answer to bad speech may be more speech but not every faux pas deserves a counter.

I think オテモヤン has a point when she says bowing out of difficult and spirited disputes by talking about one’s favorite music or fishing lure is as ridiculous at praising only the mega verdicts when the great backbone of the calling is made up of the daily hod carriers, those in scuffed shoes and off the rack rumpled suits who think Armani is a kind of pasta, whose cases are of great moment to absolutely no one except for the anxious client in tow on their way to dreaded domestic court or civil court because they’re getting jacked over $1,650 worth of medical bills. I join オテモヤン in curiosity about why she who poured her soul into an unfortunate misdemeanor conviction because her client happened to be guilty is not worthy of mention or reward for her effort. Perhaps these things are censored. Why is an act of kindness parsed into rewarding only the great? オテモヤン has a point.

Oh, and those who see Sensei without clothes? Here again オテモヤン has a point when she wonders why it is that those who question cannot also answer or if they try, do it rancor.

Censorship? Who would know? And who would care? Not オテモヤン. Not me.

Anonymous said...

So now it looks like TLC has fired Josh the chef, who did a great job and was very well liked. Who's next?

Anonymous said...

I am sure the new president will get rid of more people. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and TLC is showing its true colors! Why do you think no one speaks out except anonymously? They are all afraid. Staff especially are afraid to speak up after Jude got rid of Carl, Freddy and Mary. And the FWB is completely useless. They sit back in silence and jump on the bandwagon, supporting all the lies and hypocrisy of the big board. I find it all disgusting.