Thursday, November 5, 2009

Seeking TLC Feedback

As I've driven across the city this week, I've written many blog posts in my head, silently promising to write them down when I get home. Somehow, the brilliant idea doesn't sound so great once I find the chance to type and I postpone writing long enough to forget what I meant to say.

But when I sit down tonight, still trying to adjust to Daylight Savings Time, hoping to write something worthwhile, that sheds more light than heat, it occurs to me that, as Gerry Spence once said, there's a good reason why we were given two ears and only one mouth.

So rather than talking, I'd rather listen.

Rather than telling you what I think, I want to hear what you think about the Board Shakeup at TLC, the alumni meeting in Dallas, and whatever else is on your mind. Anonymous comments are allowed, but please keep things civil while still keeping it real.

What's on your mind, that you'd like to see the F Warrior Board discuss in Dallas?


Anonymous said...

I personally have no faith that you will get any honest answers from TLC leadership in Dallas. It will be a pep rally with more propoganda. They are just going to try and rally the troops and appease those in attendance who are mostly the sychophants and hero worshippers.

Ask them who they have decided to drop from the staff and why? If they say no one, they are lying. They won't tell you.

Why are they operating under an invalid lease?

Why don't they practice what they preach - Love and inclusion? (They threw Fredi, Carl, Catelyn and Lynn off the board - what are the real reasons. Not some horseshit about vision etc.)

You are going to get propoganda and hot air from them.

Why reduce the number of psychodramatists at regionals?

How much is the new ED being paid and why did they hire a non-lawyer?

Are they reducing the use of Joshua Karton at regionals?

Why doesn't all the board members go to regionals and why don't they contribute more money?

Are the staff now going to be reimbursed for the travel expenses to programs and are they going to ask the alumni and students to contribute money towards that?

Are they going to keep the 7 step program? Why not?

How much is in the scholarship fund and if it is low, why is it so low?

Why did they shut off the link to alumni blogs? (They will say because they are updating the web site. Again, that is just BS.)

Have they used scholarship money designated for public defenders and minorities for other people? Prove it.

Why haven't they let the alumni choose their own rep to the TLC Board?

Again, I highly suspect you won't get real or honest answers.

They should answer ALL of the questions raised in the various blog comments.

Anonymous said...

All great questions that should be asked. I heard last week that the new ED is going to be living on the ranch rent free!

Also heard staff members will now be paid for their travel. What happened to the "volunteers" Gerry talks about and how he says the college won't work if the staff are paid? Guess the new leader wants his travel paid for. I thought Gerry always says "The gift isn't complete until it is given again" and that is why it is important to never, ever pay any staff members for participating. But now they want to pay for their airfare? Are they going to ask us, the alumni, to contribute money for staff air fare? Seems the wealthy board members should pony up more or pay for their own damn airfare. Half of them have private planes. Maybe they can give rides to staff members.

Another good question is about censorship of the Warrior. Why?

Why are some staff allowed to solicit cases from students?

Anonymous said...

Why so few comments? Guess few really care about the dishonesty of TLC and those going to the meeting don't want to or are afraid to speak up for fear they will not be invited to join the staff or will be rejected by leadership. TLC is NOT a safe place for anyone who either challenges or disagrees with leadership, both big board and FWB.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that staff will actually not be allowed to work on cases with non-staff alums anymore. I understand not letting staff actively hustle cases (telling a student after a small group session, "bring me in on the case and I'll help you win," etc.), but if I want to invite a staffer to help me and it's my own idea, why is it any of TLC's business? If I think a staffer could help me win justice for my client due to his experience in the subject, where does TLC get off telling me that I can't put on the best case possible? Should I tell my clients that I know someone who could help but I'm not allowed to ask them?

Anonymous said...

TLC has absolutely no right to tell a lawyer who he or she can associate in on a case. This is just bullshit! It is none of their business what we alumni do with other alumni regarding our cases, staff or not. Where do they get off making these type of rules? How many of them are currently working on cases with alumni? Has Jude Basile had a case in the last five years that didn't get to him through a TLC alumni? Please be sure to challenge this at the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to get a report from the love fest in Dallas? I anticipate hearing of was simply a sychofant pep rally.

Anonymous said...

So what were the answers you got at the Texas gathering?

Anonymous said...

Word is that virtually nothing productive happened in Dallas. Jude Basile spoke, and spoke, and spoke, boring people to death but yet, didn't say anything and didn't even begin to answer any of the difficult questions. He gave BS propoganda info and left the group pretty much pissed off. And Tom Metier took credit for everything TLC has done over the last 15 years and essentially said none of us need the psychodramatists. Board members showed for Jude's speech and immediately left. Gee, guess the alumni aren't important enough for them to participate in the annual meeting and they are too good to spend time with us. TLC is dying and frankly, given the complete lack of honesty, openness and involvement of the board, it deserves to die. It is nothing more than a cult of personality existing for the sole purpose of paying for Spence's ranch and raising money for same and to build a sick, narcissitic monument to a has been. My money can do more good with other organizations.

Anonymous said...

David, you were there ... would you please give your impressions?

Anonymous said...

I read about Carl's recent verdict, how Fredi Sison used a new and creative exercise to help with the case and how Katlin was involved. Funny how all of these folks were kicked off the TLC board because Mr. Basile wants his own team and wants new and creative ideas. Talk about BS. Carl, Fredi and Katlin are some of the most creative folks there are but they aren't good enough to serve on the board. If they aren't good enough to serve on the board, then I don't want anything to do with TLC. Carl is a far better trial lawyer and human being than any of the current leadership of TLC. Gerry Spence, Jude Basile and TLC have shit on Carl. And on Fredi and Katlin. I hope the three of them wake up and tell TLC and its leaders to F off!!

Anonymous said...

I hear that earlier this week (February 2010), the TLC Board of Directors officially fired Fredi Sison from staff. Since you are on the F Warriors Board, would you please check on this? I hope it is not true or, if it is true, I hope it is a decision that can be reconsidered.

Anonymous said...

So, when are you or someone going to write about Fredi Sisson, Mary Pekam and Carl Bettinger being taken off staff by Jude Basile? What the hell is wrong with TLC and why are the alumni letting the new leadership get away with throwing the best teachers off the staff? The silence is deafening!

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Fredi Sison, Mary Peckham and Carl Bettinger are all off staff because they are friends with the former Executive Director. Can you please write about this? Who else has been taken off staff and why? If this is true, it is bogus and bullshit! What makes me the most sick is how no one speaks up, complains about or protests the very unTLC like actions of the new president and of Spence himself.