Thursday, August 27, 2009

High Stress Job

I was in Douglas County District Court this week when I heard the Thunder Collins verdict was about to be announced. I have great respect for his lawyer, Steve Lefler, and always like the drama of a verdict, so I went in. As I waited in the courtroom, I struck up a conversation with a reporter, which wasn't hard as most of the 15 odd observers were members of the press. When I mentioned how difficult a trial such as this must be on the lawyers and their families, the reporter, whom I recognized from a lot of tv broadcasts, said, "I know how stressful it can be. I used to be a prosecutor in Denver." He went on to say that he gave it up, not only being a prosecutor but the practice of law altogether, and became a reporter.

When I mentioned that I empathized, having not had enough sleep this week and waking up in the wee hours thinking about cases, he said he used to do that too. "Now I sleep like a baby," he said.

I still couldn't imagine doing anything else though. As stressful as it is, I still find it exhilarating enough to make it all worthwhile.

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