Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"All Four of Them"

I've been reading the newly-released OLC memos and spending a lot of time at Emptywheel's site lately, commenting rather than blogging. I highly recommend Emptywheel's posts on the Al-Haramain case as well as the many comments, including some amazing descriptions in the comments by some of the lawyers involved in that case.

So, after a few hours spent reading John Yoo's twisted legal logic and realizing the truth of Scott Horton's description that "in the period from late 2001-January 19, 2009, this country was a dictatorship," it was nice to find this article in the news today:

"First daughters Malia and Sasha Obama got a big surprise after school Wednesday: a brand-new swing set. They squealed with delight upon seeing it, a spokeswoman for the first lady said. President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, went to work while the girls were at school, having the set installed on the south grounds of the White House within sight of the Oval Office, where their father spends plenty of time."

But here's my favorite quote: ""They ran right for it. They were really, really excited. All four of them," McCormick Lelyveld said.

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