Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Former Client Killed

When I worked in misdemeanors in the Public Defenders Office, I represented thousands of people and a lot of the memories run together. However, when I glanced at a section of Sunday's paper this morning, on my way out the door to a sentencing at 9 am in a neighboring county, I recognized the name of a shooting victim from last weekend. I don't remember him very well, but remember Shyton Sherrod as very friendly and quick to laugh. I believe he even laughed at the way I mispronounced and then later practiced pronouncing his name to get it right. If I pulled the file and reread my notes, more memories might be "refreshed."

When I read the article, I was surprised to learn that Shyton played on the same team and was even called better than former Husker star Ahman Green:

Shyton D. Sherrod made "the block of the season" during the National Youth Football Championship in 1991, allowing North Omaha Boys Club Bears teammate Ahman Green to score a critical touchdown in a game the team won.

Sherrod was as talented a player as Green, said Raymond Parks, former offensive line coach for the Bears.

"There was some discussion as to who was the better player," Parks said. "They both had the potential to go on to bigger, better things."

November has been a bad month in Omaha as the death is the eighth homicide in the city so far this month and the 40th of the year.


Anonymous said...

I am the mother of one of the 5 children Destiyon, he left behind from someone being careless and not knowing what they are doing to peoples lives. My son will be 2 on December 04 and will never grow up knowing what a great man his father was. He was the kind of man who knew how to make you smile even at your most angriest moments. He always told me Laura you're so much smarter than most of these woman our here. Thats when I decided to go to college and finish my degree. I will never forget you and everything I have of yours I will give to my son when he's much older including the diamond ring and necklace. Love you from the bottom of my soul.
Laura (Latrice) Cooper

David Tarrell said...

Thank you for that. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sure you must be devastated. It's too bad your son won't grow around his father, but I'm sure he will "know" him from the stories that will live on. All the best.

Anonymous said...

I was looking thru different intormation on Shyton and found this website with this BOGUS young lady claiming to be the mother of his child. I would love to clarify this for the record Shyton only had 3 children Shyasia Sherrod, Shyton Sherrod II and Shyton Sherrod JR. It's upsets me to see that a peson would lie on a dead man! Shyton had custody of my 2 children for the period of 18 months while I served in Iraq and was a remarkable father to his children. Even though Shyton didn't want to become a statistic of society he did and has always been. I loved this man with all my heart and we were TRULY best friends and when these people get out here and TRY to get FAME off of his name it burns me up. Shyton just had a birthday on the 29th of July and where are the so called "Baby Mommas" and Friends and Family now stealing all of his belongings and trying to get fame on his name...GET IT TOGETHER, take those degrees and do something with yourself...RIP SHYTON SHERROD UR LEGACY WILL CONTINUE... Don't need know introduction...