Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back with a Mac

I thought I couldn't afford a Mac, but after two Vista-related crashes that meant sending my laptop in for manufacturer's repairs, I couldn't afford Microsoft's latest operating system. It took me awhile to decide, but I finally bought a MacBook with an Ipod touch to replace my aging pocket pc.

What sold me was not only the way I loved the MacBook I borrowed for a few weeks but also the training classes offered at the Apple store a few miles from my house. For $100 a year, I can get as many one on one training sessions as I want and can even interchange them with other family members, taking classes in everything from web design to digital photography.

There is a learning curve involved, but these things are very intuitive and just feel more useful and more dependable thus far. I've spent a lot of time selecting the right software for various functions, but there is a committed community of Mac using attorneys and even a website called Criminal defense law with an apple that I've found helpful.

It will take me a little while to convert, but it already feels worth the price. Oh yeah, my old laptop's for sale on Ebay if anybody wants it...

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Stephen Gustitis said...

Also consider signing up for a .mac account. For $99 a year you get 10gigs of space for offsite backups, access to your mac address book, IMAP mail, and other cool stuff. Also consider getting a second monitor. It makes productivity soar with two screens. Finally, consider an IPhone. The total mac experience is really great.