Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Truthfully, go get a Mac!"

That's what the salesperson at Office Depot told me when I asked him how to prevent the Vista collapses that throw my work (and blogging) into a tailspin with entire days lost while I send the laptop into the manufacturer for repair.

So I borrowed my mother's MacBook and I love it. It just seems to work. Although it's taking me awhile to get used to the differences (I've been a lifelong PC user) it seems the headaches are worth it as I simply can't afford, as a solo, to lose my laptop every couple months for a few days.

I may have even lost a client who, understandably, doesn't see that my PC problems are or should be his problem. I promised him a project last week but still haven't delivered as the docs I need were on my laptop and were lost in the latest "fix" by the manufacturer.

Mark Bennett was right. He told me, when I first went solo, to switch to Mac. But I didn't want to spend the extra money at the time. Now I'm wishing I would have spent a little more then so I could be working productively, and occasionally blogging, today.

I'm sure Macs aren't perfect, but Vista seems so temperamental that I can't afford to wait until they get it fixed. I need something that works now, so I don't have to stop working.

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wvcriminaldefenseattorney said...

Run, don't walk, to the Mac store, it will be the best thing you ever did. FYI, there is a listserve called MILO (Macs in Law Offices) that is extremely helpful.