Friday, April 11, 2008

Matt Diaz Working As Substitute Teacher

Caught the end of a story on NPR yesterday where Matt Diaz, who is described below, was interviewed on All Things Considered by NPR's Robert Siegel. As great as it is to see him getting the publicity and accolades he deserves, I was sorry to hear that he was working as a substitute teacher in Florida. Nothing against teachers, but substitutes don't make much and I know Matt has a family to take care of and feed.

Not exactly the best job for a Navy Lieutenant Cmdr. with a law degree who took a tremendous personal risk to release the names of the detainees at Gitmo.

I know people have varying opinions about the question of whether this act was an example of disobeying an unjust law or of failing to follow orders.

I just hate to see a man whose own father is on death row and who tried to do the right thing have to lose everything as a result of his decision.

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